Secrets was a twist in Big Brother 2012. In the first week, the female housemates had to match the male housemates to their secrets. If they got it right, with only making 4 or less mistake they would be given immunity for the week. The next week, the male housemates were given the same task.


Benjamin - I have been fired from every job i have had.

Bradley - I have ornithophobia (fear of birds) because of an emu attack

George - I am a millionaire.

Josh - I have dated over 100 wemon.

Michael - I have the IQ of a genius

Ray - I was a juvenile offender

Ryan - I havn't had a girl friend since i was 11.


Angie - I am a champion weightlifter

Charne - I have Obsessive Compulsize Disorder (OCD)

Estelle - I was a high School drop out.

Layla - I am a member of a royal family

Sarah - I was a nude protester

Stacy - I was a hand model

Zoe - I use to be an "emo"


  • Both the males and females failed this task.
  • The intruders, Ava and Sam did not have secrets because the were not in the house in weeks 1 and 2.
  • The male house mates lost 2 lives when guessing the secrets because 2 housemates, (Ryan & George ) asked the females directly about there secret.
    • Ryan asked Estelle if she would ever nude protest.
    • George asked Zoe if she is a weightlifter.